In need of a glass pool gate? Whether you are wanting to install, repair or upgrade a glass pool gate, Brisbane Aluminium Pool Fences is here to help.


Many people choose a glass pool gate and fence for aesthetic reasons. It looks chic, modern and allows for an unobstructed view of your stunning pool. But there are other great benefits to having a glass pool gate and fence such as:

• Safety – they’re very difficult to climb over as there are no places to get a foothold
• Maintenance – they’re easy to maintain
• Protection – the glass panels provide some protection against winds, allowing you to enjoy your pool for longer


We here at BAPF have been installing and repairing pool gates and fences for almost ten years. Our years of experience and highly knowledgeable team are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Don’t just take our word that we provide amazing service. Jump on our website and check out the fantastic testimonials from our many happy clients.

Pool fencing legislation is complicated and can be overwhelming to navigate. Our friendly team can help ensure that your glass pool gate is installed and maintained correctly in accordance with pool fencing legislation.

Our experienced team of professionals not only install new glass pool gates and fences, we also provide affordable repairs. We can do repairs including latch replacements and hinge adjustments, replace damaged gates/ panels and modifications to ensure your glass pool gate is compliant with legislation.

If you are needing to install, repair or upgrade a glass pool gate or fence for your pool, get in touch with the friendly BAPF team today.