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Living in Brisbane means you have the perfect temperature to swim for many months of the year. It is quite common to see backyard pools dotted across the city, from high rises and motels to out suburban homes.

Brisbane Pool Inspections offers two key services to pool owners – pool fence installations and pool fence repairs.

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Pool Fence Repairs

Brisbane Aluminium Pool Fencing provides a number of pool fence repair services for residential and commercial pools across Brisbane. We know how important it is to have a pool fence that is functioning correctly to keep your family water safe.

Our pool fence repairs are affordable and completed by an experience and professional team who will ensure your pool is compliant with the relevant pool fencing legislation.

  • Repairs to pool gates including latch replacement and hinge adjustments

  • Modifications and repairs to ensure your pool fence is compliant

  • Replacing damaged panels

  • Repairing and replacing pool fence posts

Brisbane Aluminium Pool Fencing understands that your pool is part of your lifestyle – we provide quick and timely repairs to get you back in your pool as soon as possible.


Pool Fence Installation

Pool fencing is an essential component to keeping your friends and family safe while around the swimming pool. While you need your pool to be functional and safe, there’s no reason it can’t look great as well.

Brisbane Pool Inspections have been installing pool fencing for over a decade, offering their services to homeowners and business owners. We offer a range of fencing options including aluminium, glass and timber.

Glass Pool Fencing

There are plenty of benefits to glass pool fencing with the look being just one.

Other benefits include:

  • Very difficult to climb over – there are no spots for kids to get their feet into

  • Unobstructed view of the pool which is great for both safety and giving a relaxing look to your property

  • Easy to maintain

  • Gives some protection from wind allowing you to use your pool for longer

Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is starting to become a popular option for pool fences due to it’s long lasting and durable elements. Building a hardwood fence has plenty of benefits:

  • Additional privacy

  • Eco-friendly when recycled timber is used

  • Weather-resistant (won’t rust, warp or rot)

  • Versatile

  • Can be prepared to suit the look of your yard

  • Easy to maintain

Aluminium Fence Installations

Aluminium fencing is one of the most popular pool fencing in Brisbane. Aluminium fencing provides a more traditional look for a pool and is often available in a range of colour options. These fences are quick to install, low maintenance and affordable.

There are plenty of other benefits to an aluminium pool fence including:

  • Rust resistant

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Fade resistant

  • Long term warranty

  • Versatile

Brisbane Aluminium Pool Fencing can install a compliant aluminium pool fence for your commercial or residential pool in Brisbane, giving you the peace of mind that you family and other pool users are safe.

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